Success Stories

Our work impacts and improves the lives of women and young girls across Motherwell and North Lanarkshire. We’re extremely grateful for those who have bravely shared the following stories, which highlight how we can help.

  • Lauren

    In October 2019 I unfortunately found myself in a very bad place after splitting from my ex-partner, and suffering from an abusive incident, that took place in my home.

    At that point I was put in contact with Women’s Aid and Jemma came into my life. She has been my rock, and got me through so much in the last year and a half.

    On meeting Jemma, for the first time, we spoke through what Women’s Aid does for woman in my circumstances and another services that were available to me that I had no idea existed.

    Jemma also gave me emotional support and courage through counselling over the period of 4 months after the incident took place and up to and after the Court appearance.

    Jemma is always there at the end of the telephone to speak to me about things that I need assistance with and just to listen if I was having a bad day.

    Women’s Aid is an organisation that is not judgemental in any shape or form. Jemma has been my voice at so many meetings for the safety of myself and children with Police, Social Services, Housing & Health Visitors, and has also had my best interests at heart.

    Through Jemma & Woman’s Aid my children and myself received lovely gifts and we also enjoyed a day at the Pantomime at Christmas time which was lovely and very much appreciated.

    Due to the time spent with Woman’s Aid and Jemma I have been able to take a negative impact and turn it into something positive. I have been at College for just over a year studying Psychology & Criminology and hoping to go onto helping other people who find themselves in my situation.

    Woman’s Aid has given me the strength and courage to be a Survivor of domestic abuse and not a victim.

  • Laura

    I was approached by police and I was referred to Women’s Aid in 2019 after suffering domestic abuse from an ex-partner. I was left isolated, confused and extremely vulnerable. I needed someone to trust, to confide in and to help me understand and come to terms with the serious nature of abuse that I had suffered and to help get me through he court case.

    I don’t know what I would have done without the support from Women’s Aid.

    I was in such a low state of mind and I really needed them. I was on anxiety medication. I suffered reoccurring nightmares most nights. I was lonely. I had no support from anyone. No family no friends. I was on my own.

    My support worker Jemma from Women’s Aid went above and beyond to support me, providing me with out of hours support almost every other day of the week because I really needed it. I really owe a lot to Women’s aid and I will be forever grateful to Jemma and the Women’s Aid service for helping me get through the last couple of years of my life I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today if it wasn’t for their incredible support that Women’s Aid provide.

    Thank you for the amazing work that you all do.

  • Marie

    I was referred to this service by the police, not really knowing what to expect and to be honest not really wanting to share my story with anyone and the thought of meeting a stranger and having to attend appointments was a terrible thought to me. I work as a professional in the healthcare field and have never needed to access a service before and I did not see myself as a victim of abuse, after being arrested myself and charged with assault I realised I needed help so decided to access the help of women’s aid

    The Support that I received over the last 12 months from this service has been immense and I am very grateful to all at women’s Aid especially Gemma. She has supported me through a very traumatic experience in my life resulting from domestic abuse. Jemma has shown me trust and compassion throughout my journey. She has encouraged me to keep going when I felt lost and hopeless and she has made me believe the abuse was not my fault and that I did not cause it. When I was at my lowest ebb so was there and helped me become stronger in my horrible nightmare.

    Women’s Aid is a valuable service to all who are experiencing domestic abuse. I will be eternally grateful because I now have my life back. I couldn’t have got through this without your support and expertise. Thanks Jemma, I am not quite there yet but I’m well on my way